Empowering Educators with AI

The education landscape is undergoing a significant shift as artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a powerful tool for enhancing learning. This transformation transcends geographical borders, impacting educators and students worldwide. That is why we believe it is important to empower students and educators to create engaging and personalized learning experiences, preparing themselves for success in the digital age. 

Supporting Students and Schools

Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, we engaged no other than our very own AI team lead, Yasen Kiprov, to deliver the first of a series of inspiring lectures to a group of 7th graders. He discussed a wide range of topics, including the diverse applications of AI in various spheres of life. He shared personal experiences from his professional journey and emphasized the importance of continuous learning and adaptation to new technologies. He also gave valuable advice on students’ career development, highlighting the importance of developing qualities such as curiosity and engagement. At the end of his presentation, he encouraged the students to use the opportunities that digital technologies offer to be successful and prepared for the challenges of the future, and included a few practical AI tools which they can use for educational purposes. 

Train the trainer 

Together with our “Lead by Example” Foundation we are also collaborating to introduce AI to classrooms through a series of practical workshops for teachers. The #AI in the Classroom workshops have already reached nearly 100 teachers in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Stara Zagora equipping them with the knowledge and skills to integrate AI into their teaching practices. 

Research shows that only 1/3 of teachers in Bulgaria are familiar with the opportunities that AI offers them in terms of modern teaching methods. The majority of them are still too skeptical and not well-informed about the new technological possibilities. As many as 72% of teachers do not regularly use tools like ChatGPT or Bing Chat in their work. 41% of teachers have never used such tools.

Our training is a full-day event that provides an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and their real application in the educational process. The workshops have helped teachers work with modern technological tools and apply them skilfully in their daily work with students.

Our commitment to education extends beyond teacher and children training. Тhis is part of our on-going work and support for the Teach for Bulgaria Foundation, the biggest NGO in Bulgarian aiming at transforming the education system and processes for good. Our investment for 3 years is 150,000 EUR and tоgather we started the “Model Schools” program, which has already reached over 100 schools with a focus on modernizing their management and teaching practices aimed at the academic progress and well-being of each student; and 44,000 students.

Investing in the Future of Education

Recognizing the transformative potential of AI in education, we are also making a substantial investment in the first Bulgarian Institute for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Technologies (INSAIT). Donating up to 6 Мillion EUR over five years to cover the salaries of world-class scientists recruited by the institute to teach and develop the tech ecosystem in our home country. This investment aims to foster a new generation of Bulgarian AI experts and equip students with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

Our multifaceted approach to support teachers, students, and the overall development of the education sector is a sustainable way to support the community and equip future generations with essential tools for learning and development. Through our AI initiatives, financial contributions, and mentorship programs, we hope to play a pivotal role in preparing students for success in an increasingly technology-driven world. We hope our commitment to innovation and social responsibility sets an exemplary standard for even more businesses seeking to make a positive impact on their communities.

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