Best Employer of the Year

We Won “Best Employer of the Year” (twice!)

During the last 12 years, SiteGround has been growing successfully and has managed to become a globally recognized hosting provider with thousands of users from all around the world, and hundreds of people working for our brand in 13 countries. However, we never forget that it all started in Bulgaria, where SiteGround was founded, and where we still have the majority of our staff. That is why we are extremely proud to announce that this year SiteGround was voted “Best Employer of the Year” in our home country for the second time in a row.

The Award

The award comes as а result of a thorough survey among 56 leading companies and their employees. It is a study in which every team member evaluates their employer anonymously based on multiple factors. The research explores the level of satisfaction and engagement of the employees, and whether people associate their future with the success of the company.

Last year, we decided to participate in the survey for the first time. The main reason was that 2015 was really crazy and marked an extremely fast-paced growth for our company. This inevitably led to some growth pains like having difficulties to attract enough people and being afraid that we may lose some of the great company culture we loved along the way. After all, the days when most SiteGrounders would meet spontaneously on a Monday breakfast and share informally how things are going, were past and we decided the survey was a great way to measure how our people feel in a more structured way. Much to our own surprise, apart from the valuable answers we got, last year we also received the award itself. And as the hectic growth continued in 2016 too, it was only natural to do the same survey again and see if we are managing to keep it all cool.

85% of our local employees participated in this year’s survey! This huge response rate was the first sign that we are definitely on the right track. Go, team!

The Results

Our company has managed to maintain, in yet another consecutive year, the highest level of satisfaction in Bulgaria. 95% is what the survey measured at SiteGround, which is 25% more than the average rate in our country, and is also what brought us the award again.

Employee satisfaction is a delicate and complex blend of thoughts, emotions, intentions and behaviors required for performance and productivity. And to have the chance to peek into that is very rare. Measuring something so humanly abstract is a difficult process, and needs patience and time. Yet again, our colleagues were up to the task. They willingly invested the needed time to answer thoroughly all the survey questions evaluating multiple complex factors. The result was their collective answer to the question: how do you feel as part of the SiteGround team?

And what we got in return was truly amazing! Knowing that we continue to keep up the good attitude and the high level of devotion is something we are really proud of.

The Challenges

No doubt such a substantial research outlines not only achievements to be proud of, but points out some obstacles and setbacks we still need to tackle. Expanding the team at such a high rate may result in different problems. Strengthening relations among the teams, improving communication, finding more time to spend with each other, enhancing onboard procedures and task delegation are part of the areas we need to put more effort in. But, having a great team makes things a lot easier.

The People Behind The Screens

Unsurprisingly, the first thing that came to mind to most of our colleagues when asked what you most cherish about the company was – my teammates.

What makes the difference is not the spacious game rooms, the Monday breakfasts or the early Fridays. It is the people behind the screens. The people we work with. They aren’t bots. They do not use pre-formatted standard answers. They really care for each other and for customers. They are the soul of SiteGround.

Thank you all, amazing SiteGrounders!

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  1. Wow, that is wonderful, especially since 2017 is right around the corner, it’s a great morale builder for Siteground employees.

    Program Participant at Ready to work in Boulder, Colorado.
    4747 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305 |

  2. Hi all there!
    Congrats 🙂
    Happy to see this, also because I just applied for a position.
    Keep going!

  3. Congratulations! Top host and top employer: good to see our money are well spent also for a company very appreciated from their workers!

    A question: do you plan opening a Siteground office in Italy?

    I’ve seen visits to your website from Italy are at 4th place in the world 🙂

  4. I signed up with Siteground for the first time today and have used the Live Chat facility 3 times. unfortunately when I left the feedback I omitted to leave a review for it and it appears that I can not do this later.

    I’d like to leave a comment here “FIRST CLASS SERVICE TO ALL 3 PEOPLE “

  5. Congratulation. 5 successful years with you and just renewed for another. OUTSTANDING SERVICE!!! 5 STARS!!!

  6. After 3 years with SG, there is no shred of doubt: SG is the *BEST* in the industry, on many levels, including efficiency, attitude, competency, people skills, overall performance levels of people and systems!!! – as a client, I feel grateful and privileged to enjoy the quality and level of service I have received invariably over these past 3 years!

    I would love to work with or for SG, and would like to find out whom I could talk with? I am Swiss, live in the U.S. and speak fluently English and German, and some French.

    In any event, for the year end I want to congratulate SG on getting recognized as the number one performer in the industry, and want to cheer them on to continue with striking this most effective balance between people and machines: Being human, and mastering the technologies involved in providing the services!

    Many thanks to SG and all their employees.


  7. Well done Siteground. Nothing like growing exponentially AND winning an employer award. Kudos!


    Speaking as VERY satisfied customer who thinks your tech support folks give 110% each and every time I contact them – which, sadly, is far more than I wish it were – I’m not at all surprised by this.

    If you keep going the way you are, you could win the Trifecta in 2017 by winning it 3 times in a row.

    Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

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