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Our Top Technical Support Rep in February

Our Tech Support Representative for February is Vasil who got to the top of the ranking in a month with an extremely tough competition. 17 SiteGrounders achieved 100% client satisfaction rates! ? With 3 years of practice in SiteGround, over 22 600 clients served and his caring attitude, Vasil got the ultimate results – 100% happy clients and the highest number of resolved tickets. Read more about him in the interview below.

Our Top Technical Support Rep in February 2018

4 Replies to “Our Top Technical Support Rep in February”

  1. Brilliant, Vasil is fantastic – I have first hand experience.
    I *love* that you have 9 cats – & the second condo is for them(?!)
    That is super cool.
    My two cats would certainly approve 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      Your cats would definitely love to have a room for themselves. They are growing up fast. 🙂

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