Toni Madjarova

Our Top Customer Care Rep in June

As the Harry Potter magic just turned 20 this week, it’s a curious coincidence that our Top Customer Care Rep in June is among its most passionate fans. Toni Madjarova loves to immerse herself in the magical books, preferably while vacationing in a sunny destination. A secret hope she still keeps is to receive her acceptance letter from Hogwarts. We are pretty sure too she can’t be a muggle as she knows how to summon all her willpower and skills to overcome challenge after challenge.


7 Replies to “Our Top Customer Care Rep in June”

  1. Awww, I love your cat and the fact that you also love to be near the sea. Congrats on being this months hero.

  2. Toni is great! She has helped me before and I would have been lost without her. 😀

  3. Iskra, nice review of a wonderful person! I love these profile overviews of SG people, makes it more human. 😉

    Where does SG find such lovely women (you included)? 🙂

    Passing good vibes to each of you,

    1. Thank you, Richard! It means a lot for us that you appreciate the overviews. We have so many fascinating people and great professionals at SiteGround. There will be many more to learn about!

  4. Well, I’m new to SG and I’m impressed that its employees are getting the deserved praise. Well done, Toni… Keep it up ☆☆☆

    Thank you for sharing , Iskra & team.

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