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Meet Dobromir, our Top Customer Care Rep in May

Meet Dobromir, our top Customer Care rep for May. Hardworking, reliable and always gets to the bottom of client issues. No wonder in May, 99% of clients he helped were happy with his support (our average is 97%). He is that good, one client invited him to visit them in their hometown so they could thank him in person.

Our Top Customer Care Rep in May 2018

2 Replies to “Meet Dobromir, our Top Customer Care Rep in May”

  1. It was an amazing experience with Siteground. Installation was smooth and completed within 1 hour. Support was great and we highly recommend Sitegronud.

  2. yes, as an affiliate associate, I am promoting Siteground along with its support team as a prime feature.

    you are well organized and comes to rescue just like that and solves the issue in seconds! Good responsive team. They take each customer request with high accountability and responsibility.

    loved the services!

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