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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for February

For Ivaylo, our February Customer Rep of the Month, the most fulfilling part of his work is the happy feedback from clients after he’s helped them. He definitely received plenty of positive responses last month, which he ended with the remarkable 99.27% Happy Client Rating for over 1000 support chats! If that’s not fulfilling work, we don’t know what is.

What does it take to make a customer happy?

Ivaylo: I believe what makes customers happy is the attitude and empathy our team shows during the live chat sessions. Of course, clients appreciate also the fast resolution of their hosting issues, which we always strive to provide, and they are really happy when they can move on with the rest of their work and goals for the day.

What helps you most in your work? 

Ivaylo: I think what helps me do my work well is having a positive attitude and mindset. It helps me relax, remember, focus, and absorb information much more easily. I’m always ready to welcome new experiences and spot different learning opportunities. And when you can seize opportunities, you inevitably improve with time.

What is one stereotype that you think is not true about the job of a Customer Support Rep?

Ivaylo: I strongly believe that a lot of people think we have a magic button that we can fix everything with. ? However, nothing could be further from the truth as we often need to do a proper investigation of the reported issue before we find out what is wrong and are able to assist further.

What did you wish people knew about your work?

Ivaylo: The Customer Service job isn’t just putting some text and scripts together. It takes time to plan, understand what are the needs of each client and act accordingly to the situation. We’re just normal people who support technology that changes literally every day and that is being developed by people 10,000x more knowledgeable. ? There is no such thing as “I’ve seen it all” – every case is different and requires a different approach.

How many clients do you communicate with on a daily basis and what type of issues are most common?

Ivaylo: On a daily basis I communicate with around 50-60 customers, sometimes more. The most common question I get is regarding email client configuration. Outlook configuration is often a struggle and I usually have to put my positive mindset and patience to good use. 

What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for clients?

Ivaylo: I do believe there isn’t only one, as it is important to get to know all of the features we provide as a managed hosting service. If I have to rank one in particular – I would say this must be the SpamExperts tool which allows you to solve multiple email issues. Another useful option is the ability to whitelist/blacklist certain domains or emails which is something quite handy.

Your favorite thing about SiteGround? 

Ivaylo: The most beautiful and fulfilling part of my work is the happy responses from clients after a job well done! Of course, I love the nice work еnvironment and my cheerful, fun, and helpful colleagues, too!

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  1. I have only been with you a couple of months, but already I Love Love Love this service It’s fast as a Star Wars ray gun beam.

  2. The best Customer service I ever have seen my Company NiwTech always recommends Siteground for all our customers

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