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Think Pink – Share & Support Against Breast Cancer

Every year, in Europe 500,000 women receive the news that they have breast cancer. Every year, 125,000 of them sadly lose the battle with the disease. Breast cancer is the most prevalent among women worldwide, and unfortunately, 1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed in her life.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for all of us to bring attention to the topic, encourage women to take responsibility for their health, and schedule screening exams. Join the campaign by following the three simple steps below. 🎀

Step 1: Be Informed, Book a Medical Checkup!

It’s important to be informed and know the facts about the risk factors, warning signs, and how to properly perform self-exam. The lifestyle risk factors are something that you have the power to change. Some of them are lack of physical activity, being overweight, alcohol consumption, smoking, hormonal therapy, and poor diet. On the contrary, sports, regular checkups, healthy weight, balanced diet, and breastfeeding are known to reduce the risk of cancer. 

Recognizing possible warning signs is also key as taking prompt action leads to timely diagnosis and treatment. Some of the most common symptoms are changes in color, form, discharge, alterations in the skin, pain. Don’t hesitate to seek help if you notice or feel any abnormality. Read more details and useful information here.

When found early, there’s a great chance that breast cancer can be successfully cured. That’s why it’s important to perform a monthly self-exam. Once a year, book a medical ultrasound checkup with a specialist, and if you’re over 40 years old, consider having a mammogram every two years.

Step 2: Spread the Word about #SiteGroundThinkPink

We need your help to motivate as many women as possible to be proactive and schedule screening exams regularly. Your actions have the power to show every woman that timely action is important! 

Help us spread the word by sharing the blog post with your family and friends. Share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram as a post or story along with the hashtag #SiteGroundThinkPink. On Instagram, we ask you to also leave a comment under our blog post about the campaign. If your social media profile is private, after sharing the post, leave us a comment, so that we can track your participation. 

Step 3: You Share, We Donate 👍

SiteGround will donate BGN10 to the One in 8 foundation for each share of the blog post with the hashtag on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. One in 8 is a key foundation in Bulgaria that provides psychological, emotional, and practical support to diagnosed women, as well as preventive checkups. 

They organize numerous activities and events to help women fighting the disease feel better, supported, and well-informed. Some of their initiatives are psychological consultations, art and yoga therapy, legal consultation, advice from a professional make-up artist, free educational resources, and more. 

Together with your help and our donation, we will support their annual program for preventive examinations and early breast cancer diagnosis. Thank you! 🩷

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