Sustainability & Conscious Living at SiteGround

To celebrate Earth Day and reduce our impact on the environment, this April, we went all in to inspire both our clients and employees to adopt sustainable practices and embrace a more conscious lifestyle.

Earth Day Bingo

Right on time for Earth Day this year, we challenged our team to adopt sustainable living practices and reduce their impact on the environment with our Internal Earth Day Bingo.

If you’re also ready to get started on your journey toward sustainable living, set yourself up for the challenge by completing our Earth Day Bingo card!

Sustainability Report 2023 – Read, Share & Plant a Tree

At SiteGround, we have always taken responsibility for our environmental impact and have worked tirelessly to minimize the carbon footprint of our own and our clients’ websites. This year, we’ve compiled all our sustainable efforts into our Sustainability Report which outlines the aspects of our sustainability strategy from providing green hosting services to genuinely caring about the well-being of our employees, our communities, our cities, our society, and our Planet.

Read our Sustainability Report 2023, share it on social media and we will plant a tree for every share through TreeNation!

We believe that together we can create a positive change and plant the seeds of a brighter future.

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