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Supporting Bulgarian Mountain Huts with Live Web Cameras and Internet

Even as winter is already towards its end here, going to the mountains will never be out of season. That’s why we’re excited to share one more initiative that we recently supported in addition to our help for the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service.

A few months ago we were approached by The Bulgarian Observable Huts Organization (BOHO) – looking for a partner for one of their latest projects. The Bulgarian Observable Huts Organization is a donation based non-profit entity. Their goal is to equip as many huts and lodges in Bulgaria as possible with Internet, online meteorological stations, and web cameras. Thanks to their efforts travellers can easily check the meteorological situation and actual weather forecast in a particular hut from BOHO’s network in order to better prepare for trips in advance.

We know how important the right preparation and equipment are. What’s more, BOHO contacted us at the same time while we were working on our Mountain Safety Checklist and Mountain Phone Wallpapers, as part of our support for the Mountain Rescue Service – the Bulgarian Red Cross. Since in our team we have many avid hikers, bikers, peak and mountain lovers, we thought there couldn’t be a better moment to support one more organization who develops safe and sustainable tourism for everyone in Bulgaria.

Balkanity Hut
Balkanity Hut

So, a few months later, thanks to our donation, the team of BOHO managed to equip one more new mountain hut with Internet and live web cameras. That’s how everyone can at all times check the view from the new Balkanity hut, situated in Vitosha mountain Park, and plan their next mountain trip there, or just enjoy the scenery from their couch or office desk. 

Check if you wish to have a look at the current weather conditions at some of the other 13+ mountain huts in Bulgaria that BOHO equipped. It’s good to know that the website is yet only in Bulgarian, but BOHO are in the process of developing a new one with more languages and functionalities, giving advantages to even more people. If you have plans to stay in a mountain hut in Bulgaria soon, you might also be interested in the online huts map that BOHO uploaded here

“Be sure to go to the mountains always fully prepared and do not overvalue your capabilities”, is the go-to advice from Boyan Georgiev, the founder and the main driving force of BOHO. 

With the online map of BOHO, a smartphone, and our Mountain Safety Checklist, everyone is all set to go on a happy (and safe) mountain trip! And if you love technology and mountains as much as we do, check out our SiteGround careers opportunities here.

Update: In April, 2021 we continued our support for BOHO with a new donation for the equipment of one more cosy place – September hut – in Vitosha mountain, very close to the capital Sofia. Thanks to our efforts, the hut will be equipped very soon with Internet access, and live web cameras, so you can work remotely from there and check the conditions anytime. It’s a very popular and chill spot, especially among younger people, so we encourage everyone to pay it a visit.

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  1. Thank you SiteGround for your donation for the project and also thank you Gergana Nedkova for your perosnal support to our project!
    Stay save!

    1. Thank you, Boyan! We’re happy to contribute to your sustainable cause and project, and in this way to support the mountain tourism. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

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