SiteGround Kids Week Academy

SiteGround Kids Summer Academy: A Week of Fun, Learning, and Values

This August, I had the pleasure of having my children attend the SiteGround Kids Summer Academy, a week-long event for the kids of all SiteGround employees in all our office locations. The academy takes place for a second year in a row, and it was packed with activities that were both fun and educational for a total of over 100 children, all in different age groups.

Kids in the office? Mission possible

The idea behind the academy every year is to help the parents on our team during the Summer months when most of the children are off from school. We try to craft a unique “Summer camp in the office” experience, tailored to the interests of every age group, so that it’s at the same time fun, useful, and inspiring for the little ones. If you’re a parent, it really means the world not having to stress about your kids’ Summer activities for at least a week, and it really helps you feel more relaxed, happier and productive at work. And as for the kids – they are having the time of their lives. 

They had a very well-structured schedule for every day, with professional guides, instructors, and care-givers managing the different age groups at all times. Even better –  the Academy was built with great care for the people working in the office as well, so that it does not affect our work process – thankfully we have plenty of spaces in and around the SiteGround offices to accommodate both work and fun for everyone! So while the kids were having a blast, me and my co-workers were able to focus on work, knowing that our children were in good hands. In addition to sports, educational labs, and workshops, all SiteGround kids enjoyed healthy meals in our office restaurants, with plenty of time to make new friends – even some of the grown-ups were sneaking in for some ice-cream and treats in the afternoon breaks with the kids.

Our Shared Values

One of the things that makes SiteGround Kids Summer Academy so special is it is driven by the inherent values of our team. This year we took this further, and dedicated each day of the Kids week to one of SiteGround’s core values:

  • Work with purpose: we teach kids how to set goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Respect yourself and others: we stress on the importance of treating everyone with respect, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender or else.
  • Challenge yourself: we encourage kids to try new things and step outside of their comfort zones.
  • Do everything with care: we promote care for the environment and everything around us in everything we do;
  • Innovate through technology: we provoke the kids’ interest in new technological advancements and how they can be used to solve problems.

Learn and Have Fun

In addition to learning and applying the SiteGround values, the kids also have the opportunity to develop new skills and talents. They participated in sports, learned about robotics, took part in space training, recycling workshops and much more.

SiteGround Kids Summer Academy is a truly unique and valuable experience for both the kids and the parents. There are many factors that contribute to one’s sense of engagement and commitment to their team and company. However, I believe that the key element is community, care and shared values. When we feel like we are part of a real community, where we can share values, build together, invent, have fun, support each other, and take care of each other with respect and a smile, the magic happens. As a SiteGround employee, I’m proud to say that our company is committed to include families in that as well.

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