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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for January

We are excited to start our Customer Care of the Month series in 2019 with an updated format. It allows us to add broader answers of our teammates. The winner this month is Veronika – one of our most cheerful colleagues. She joined the team less than a year ago but she already managed to achieve the amazing 99,73% Happy Clients Rating. In our talk, Veronika shares her thoughts on what it is like to be a Customer Care representative, what did she wish people knew about her work, and one useful must-have tool she recommends to WordPress users. Find out more in the interview!

1. What does it take to make a customer happy?

Veronika: I believe what makes customers happy is the supportive attitude and empathy we show. I think it’s important to let customers know that we are there to help them at any moment and that we’re going to troubleshoot fast the issues they’re struggling with.

2. What helps you most in your work?

Veronika: What helps me do my work well, is my deep motivation to help others and the fact that I learn something new every day. It feels truly fulfilling to solve customers problems and make their day better.

3. What is one stereotype that you think is not true about the job of a Customer Support Rep?

Veronika: I think that’s the stereotype that we are some kind of robots who work in cubicles and use only scripts to answer clients’ questions. 🙂 In reality, the job of a support representative is diverse. I talk with 50-60 customers on a daily basis. They all face different challenges, have different questions, and require a unique approach and solution. So I would say it’s a very dynamic work where soft skills are essential. At SiteGround, we have a great office environment that also helps us give our best. Instead of cubicles, we work in a colorful open space office where we share information and help each other all the time.

4. What did you wish people knew about your work?

Veronika: Well, it can be challenging sometimes because we have to juggle various client issues quickly and multitask effectively. Despite that, the work of a Customer Care representative is very rewarding. The satisfaction we feel when we’ve helped a client in need is really wonderful.

5. What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for clients?

Veronika: One of the most helpful tools I strongly recommend is the WordPress Toolkit. It gives WordPress users the flexibility to do many things with just a click, instead of having to go through a really long process. You can use it to change your WordPress admin password, your primary domain, to move your WordPress site to another folder, and benefit from many other great features.

6. Your favorite thing about SiteGround?

Veronika: My favorite thing about SiteGround without a doubt is my awesome colleagues who always have smiles on their faces no matter how busy. They are very supportive, fun, and truly enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. I know I can count on them whenever I need help or advice.

3 Replies to “Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for January”

  1. Baš je lijepo znati da imamo ovako lijep sastav jer danas je njihov dan i lijep pozdrav za njih

  2. Veronika’s support was by far the best ever I had compared to a lot of other companies. Congratulations you are very lucky to have such amazing people in your company.

  3. Veronika is a credit to your company, had her on live chat today. Stood out from a very good bunch. Great work.

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