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Meet Our Top Phone Support Rep for July

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our top phone support representative for this month – Petar! He joined SiteGround almost ten years ago and is one of the most experienced members of our Phone Support team. Even though he had no idea what web hosting was when he first started, today Petar is a senior web hosting expert. He’s answered over 50,700 calls and helped thousands of clients! Learn more about him and some of his best tips below.

After so many customer interactions, do you think there’s a recipe to making customers happy?

Petar: I’d say energy and focus. Customers feel better when they speak to someone who is positive and energetic, and when they get the full attention of the representative. Sometimes it is hard to convey energy on the phone. But, if you have a positive attitude to everyone you talk to, and you express that with your voice, the person on the other end will surely notice it and appreciate it.

What helps you most in your work? 

Petar: Music! It helps me focus, keeps my spirit high, and allows me to be at my best before every client conversation.

What’s the №1 advice you give to people with no website management experience?

Petar: Less is more! When building and managing your website, I would always recommend keeping everything simple and clean. The fewer plugins, addons, and modules you have on the site, the easier it is to get started and build from there. 

Your tip on website security and management?

Petar: Keep your site and everything in it up to date – that is a simple way to protect your site from vulnerabilities. The second thing is to always install plugins and themes after researching them well on the web. If there are any known issues, you will easily find out and save yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

Is there a stereotype that you think is not true about the job of a Phone Support Rep?

Petar: The stereotype that we read answers from a script and act like robots. 🙂 That is definitely not true, at least not at SiteGround. We are all different individuals with our highs and lows, but always doing our best to be professional, polite, and straightforward to the person we talk to.

What’s your favorite site or thing to do on the web?

Petar: I enjoy playing video games, especially on my PlayStation 4 console. I also like to watch channels on YouTube talking about games and their gameplay.

Any takeaways that help you stay motivated?

My favorite quote is from the movie Vanilla Sky: “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour!It helps me stay positive even in hard times. 🙂

30 Replies to “Meet Our Top Phone Support Rep for July”

  1. How do I actually get in touch with these reps? I’m trying to log a support docket or preferably speak with someone on the phone or live chat and it keeps taking me to the same dead end in the help centre 🙁 I sent a message through that area last night and got no notification to say it had been received and when I log in to see my support history it says there is nothing there yet.

    1. Hey Hayley,

      I am glad that you’ve figured this out and already replied to your ticket. As to your other question, once you login and open the Help Center, you can click on the Contact Us page. Once you select the site you need help with and the type of help, we will recommend you the best channel to reach our Support team and there you will see the phone number for your region.

      1. If you no longer offer cpanel hosting how on earth can we change the MX records? Mine were sett up re-routing my e-mails to my g-suite account and since changing my hosting to yourselves it has gone onto your default for some reason instead of importing them as they were already configured. It has taken me days of looking for the cpanel to find this and I’m horrified. I won’t have a business left by the time the e-mails get re-instated. What am I supposed to do??

        1. We will transfer all DNS zones, don’t worry for any custom setup you may have, it will remain the same. As to new changes, you can quickly and easily set up MX records from Site Tools -> DNS -> DNS Zone Editor.

  2. Congratulations! Petar could be one of the top SiteGround phone reps of all time. I’m always happy when Petar answers the phone. He is always pleasant to talk to and his knowledge and experience shine through. We appreciate you, Petar!

  3. i am sorry to ask you what is the bandwidth of each site that will host on grow big plan

      1. i see in my site it is written 512 MB Something like that? each site that is why i asked

  4. Hi, I’m new in hosting & WordPress+woocommerce. I try to create my website on my own but I accidently deleted wordpress+woocommerce plugin. Now the website is 403 forbidden. can you help, what I need to do?

    1. You’re getting forbidden, because the directory listing is disabled by default. This means that there are no files in your public_html folder. You need to restore your files from the Backup tool or from any local copies of your site you may have. Once you do that, everything will work again 🙂

  5. Hi, I’m currently new to Siteground but all the tutorials I found was from the old interface. After reading all the comments here, I understand that you remove the Cpanel hosting.
    My problem was I wanted to create a new domain. What I have done was after creating a new domain > I click added button > then I wonder what happens to the new domain that I added??


    1. May,

      Here’s a direct link to the documentation for our new tools: (you need to be logged in your Account to access it).
      As to your question, once you register a domain you can see it in Client Area -> Services -> Domains.

      If you wish to use that domain and create a website with it, you can now go to Websites -> Add New and use the domain you’ve registered with us. You can register a new domain during the website creation process too, then it will be automatically pointed to that website. Feel free to contact our support team if you’re experiencing issues with that using the Contact Us tab on the page I’ve given you above.

  6. Hello, I am trying to install WP in a sub-domain but they ask me for installation path. I do not know what that is. Can you help me?

    1. Hello Jeanneth,

      We can see our team has assisted you via chat with the WordPress installation and your question was resolved. We are available 24/7 if you need further help.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      We can see you have reached our team over the phone and we have assisted you with your request. We are available 24/7 and you can get in touch with us via the Help Center in your Client Area. We ask you to select categories for your question and describe the issue you need help with in advance so that our system can guide you to the channels best suited to give you a fast resolution.

    1. You can do it from your Client Area -> Servies -> Manage button next to the account -> 3 dots menu -> Relocate 🙂

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