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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for May

Becoming fluent in 10 languages is one of Maria’s goals by 2030. We have no doubt she’ll manage to achieve it as she has proven to be committed and extremely hardworking. That’s what has helped her become our Top Customer Care Representative for May with 99.5% Client Satisfaction Rate. Find out more about Maria in her interview!

Maria, what helps you do your work so well?

Maria: In my case, the most valuable thing we have at SiteGround is the team members. From the newest to those who have worked here for over 10 years, they are all willing to help and support you if you need something. Supervisors also do a great job and I appreciate how they care about all team members.

What does it take to make a customer happy with our support service?

Maria: The essential thing is to always, always be empathetic, and make them feel like they have someone to rely on. Many people are used to speaking with bots or automated systems, and they are so surprised by how we treat them, they’re often amazed to realize they’re talking to real people who are eager to help. That shows we need to make some changes and improve customer service in all areas of life because at the end of the day, only humans can understand perfectly how another person feels.

What is one stereotype you think is not true about the job of a Customer Support Rep?

Maria: I think the biggest stereotype is that we are like machines, meaning that we should be as fast as lightning and that we don’t care about how clients feel, which is not true. We always strive to do our best to help. Therefore we cannot rush and miss essential steps that are key to solving any issue. We are also not doing our nails all day while on the phone, that only happens in the movies! 🙂

What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for clients?

Maria: In a technological aspect, the tool I found most helpful is, of course, the WordPress Toolkit! It has many important features that can help you control various WordPress-related tasks very easily, it’s one of the best tools! Our SuperCacher, SiteGround Optimizer, and WordPress Migrator are all very easy and straightforward tools which also help clients with more difficult tasks that are otherwise pretty time-consuming. It really amazes me how easy it is to migrate a WordPress site with just a few clicks and a token!

Your favorite thing about SiteGround?

Maria: My favorite thing by far is the friends I’ve made here! I met so many people from different countries with different cultures. I like our teamwork, and how everyone cares about one another, I also love SiteGround’s team events! I’m really excited about our next company festival, especially the Summer one!

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Maria: Well, I like knitting! Even though I’m still a beginner, I’m really enjoying it! I started because my mom has a blanket that my grandma knitted and I wanted to do something similar for myself, and then improve my technique and create different things. It might seem a bit boring, but it’s actually interesting to see how badly you can do something at first because your hands don’t want to move as they should – and then slowly learn your craft! 🙂

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

Maria: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” It’s a quote from my favorite movie and my favorite character, but that’s not the reason why I love it. In my opinion, life is just a combination of decisions and timing. You create your own path, you create your own life, you just need to choose wisely and always remember to be kind to others.

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  1. I fell in love with this company. The attitude of customer service is worthy of recognition. They patiently solve problems and respond quickly. I hope to increase the Chinese language service in the future.

  2. First of all big congratulations Maria. I am a big follower of Siteground its team and its company values. And a really inspiring article by Ilina in the interview style!! Best wishes!!

  3. hi I am new to siteground but I have to say I am so happy that I will stay with this platform you are the best for speed and security thank you
    Happy customer
    Martin Livingstone

  4. Dear SiteGround
    As a small charity mindful of our costs I would welcome an explanation for the 40% increase on the cost for the GoGeek Hosting package. Is there a charity discount we could apply for? I have tried to send this message via our account but there is no facility for general questions.
    Kind regards

    1. What does this have to do with Maria’s accomplishment and the amazing job SiteGround does with customer support on a daily basis? Asking for a friend.

      Besides, as someone who has run both private businesses and non-profits, expecting a company to offer discounts to every charity is just wrong. They’re a for-profit business.

      It’s also interesting that you would need a hosting package for 100k monthly visits & 30 GB of space, but can’t afford to pay for hosting.

  5. Dear Hristo,
    Thank you for taking time to reply. I am still unclear as to the reason for the large annual increase in the cost of the package. Interesting too that you don’t offer concessions for charities and not for profit organisations.
    Kind regards

  6. I am happy with Siteground hosting my sites, They resolve issues in good time, the Support guys are very patient and will answer all the questions in details. They explain solutions in a simple and very clear manner such that even a none techie person can understand. Keep it up guys, your customer care and technical team is excellent!

    Very kind regards,


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