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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for June

Valentina is one of the newest members of our Customer Care Team. She joined SiteGround just five months ago, but she already proved herself a quick learner. It’s pretty much clear Valentina rocks at her new position, as she managed to achieve the amazing 99.7% Happy Clients Rating and almost 600 excellent rated chats this month! Learn more about her in the interview!

You’re working as a Customer Care Representative for a little over five months. Is there an unfair stereotype about the job of a Support Rep?

Valentina: People usually imagine a geeky tech guy with his nose buried in his computer all day long, zero interest in talking to people and solving issues on autopilot, and this couldn’t be further from the truth! We are the most diverse group of people I have ever worked with, and we love talking to our customers and having the satisfaction of being able to help them build their ideal websites. I think this is what makes our customer support so special, that we add the human touch and empathy to every interaction.

What helps you most in your work? 

Valentina: My colleagues! Whenever I have any doubts, my colleagues and supervisors are always there for me, and without their guidance, I would definitely not be here. Even though the job is individual, every aspect of it involves a great amount of teamwork, and it is thanks to the amazing team that everything works so well here!

What does it take to make a client happy with our hosting service?

Valentina: That’s an interesting question because it really depends on the customer! I guess it takes a really good ability to read people and quickly understand what they’re looking for! Some customers want their problem to be fixed or their question to be answered as quickly and concisely as possible, while others prefer if you take your time and explain every step of the process in depth. 

What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for customers?

Valentina: SiteGround Optimizer is the tool I always, always recommend! Website optimization is super important for performance and speed, and with this handy tool, it can be done in just a few clicks. It is an amazing time-saver, and incredibly user-friendly. I have it active on my personal website and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite tools.

What piece of advice would you give to people just starting out building a website?

Valentina: Patience and practice! Working on a website is very daunting at the beginning, and it seems like an impossible task, but with a bit of patience and a lot of practice, you would be surprised how easy (and fun!) it actually is.

Your favorite thing about SiteGround?

Valentina: I’d have to say it’s the environment in general. The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is super friendly, and at the same time, every day is a new challenge. This is the kind of environment that keeps me motivated to keep learning and giving it my 100% every single day.

What’s your favorite website? 

Valentina: I adore cooking and everything related to food, so I’m always watching cooking videos and reading food blogs. One of my favorite websites for food and recipes is Bon Appétit where I get tons of ideas for new meals, and their YouTube channel is amazing too. Just looking at their site makes my mouth water!

Do you have a favorite quote or motto? 

Valentina: “Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is there to serve me.” 

I try to keep a positive attitude regardless of what comes my way, so when something good happens to me I embrace it and enjoy it. When something not so good happens, I take it as a learning opportunity to keep growing and improving. I can’t control everything that happens around me, but I can control my reactions to it.

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