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Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for August

Our Top Customer Care representative for August is Alex who achieved the excellent 98% Happy Clients rating. If you ever happen to meet Alex, you won’t ever assume that he’s a web hosting pro, a true basketball fan, and a comic geek at heart. He has a classy and sophisticated style, as if he works for the stock market-as he says. Learn more about Alex and his favorite customer care moments in the interview below.

Alex, this month, you had an incredible 98% Happy Clients rating. What do you think makes customers happy?

Alex: What I’ve learned from communicating with our customers is that they are happy when we are carefully listening to their issues and working with them to get to the best possible solution. Often people have an idea on what they want to do but sometimes don’t know how to explain it.

What’s one tool that you think is most helpful for clients?

Alex: I think that our knowledge base is quite helpful to clients. Hands down it is what would show you how everything on our hosting platform works, explaining why it works that way, and how you can easily use our tools.

What piece of advice would you give to people starting a website?

Alex: I would advise people working on their first site to be patient. Do a lot of research before you do a certain thing. Try and start off with easy development tools. Most of us use WordPress to develop a site. Trust me if there is an option to do something, WordPress has a plugin for it. Sometimes even configurations that have to be done through the server could be found in the form of a plugin.

What are some of the tools that you use for productivity while managing a site?

Alex: I don’t use productivity tools. A tool may not always know the details of what plugin you want to install, the design you want to do, the feature you are trying to implement, etc. Sometimes you have to sit back for a few moments and create a plan in your mind on how you are going to approach a certain issue before you start.

What did you wish people knew about your work?

Alex: Sometimes, I wish people knew that the knowledge we have gained has to do with years of hard work and studying. We do really appreciate when a customer is patient as we are trying to interpret something we spent months learning, over the course of a 20-minute chat. ?

Your funniest client support situation?

Alex: I had a client once that checked my profile bio and saw that I was a basketball fan. He didn’t have a problem with his site, he just wanted to chat about basketball and what new is happening around the NBA. ?

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

Alex: I usually carry myself stylishly with button up shirts, classy shoes, slicked pants looking like I work for the stock market. However, I am a huge comic geek.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?

Alex: Work hard, play hard. All day! ?

12 Replies to “Meet Our Top Customer Care Rep for August”

  1. The slider revolution is not working in any WordPress theme. I don’t even know where to talk on chat support with this hosting.

    1. Hello Akshay,

      You can access help instantly on every page of your client area by going to the question mark in the top right corner. We can see our techs have diagnosed what is causing the problem and provided a fix for the issue in ticket 3252505. Do not hesitate to reach our team directly if you need further assistance.

  2. Alex, I have been reaching out to your technical support about my e-mails being down. My e-mails have been down for two days. They say its an issue with SpamExperts.

    I get the very strong impression they think its no big deal…

    My e-mails are the lifeline for the company. I need to switch hosting companies if I can’t access and receive e-mails from your company.

    Your tech support told me I’m in line and just wait. I have been waiting since Wednesday. Could you find out what’s going on?

    I have to start the process of switching back to my original host company today. I can’t have another day go by and not be able to receive e-mails. I just joined a few weeks ago from Godaddy, but maybe this was a mistake.

    Could you help?

    David Eldridge
    Pro Engineer Portal Inc.

    1. Hello David,

      We want to assure you that helping our customers to the best of our ability is our priority and we understand troubles with using the email service on your account created inconvenience for you.
      We can see our chat agent escalated the issue to our techs and they were able to restore normal operation of your emails by rebuilding the domains in ticket 3252157.
      Indeed, at the time you have encountered the problem we had a temporary issue with Spam Experts, but it has been resolved as well and email services are working normally at the moment.

  3. I am not able to contact siteground or see cpanel on siteground.
    I purchased geek package but it doesn’t showing cpanel pls help

    1. Hello Vinay,

      Newly activated hosting accounts no longer use cPanel and you can find all functionalities related to managing your website in our Site Tools ( Each website on your account has its own Site Tools. You can access the Site Tools Control Panel from your Client Area when you go to Websites and select the site you want to work on.

      You can get instant help on any page from your Client Area by going to the question mark at the top right corner and enter an inquiry. You can reach our support team from the Help Center -> Contact Us ( We ask you to select categories for your request and our system will guide you to 2 channels most suitable to get your issue resolved quickly.

    1. Hi Carl,

      Let us clarify what is the process to get connected to our team in your Client Area. You can reach our support team 24/7 from Help Center -> Contact Us ( when you are logged into your account. With the goal to provide faster and more efficient assistance, we ask our clients to first describe the exact issue they have and select a relevant category it belongs to, so we can point them to the most suitable channels to resolve their request. Please note that our AI system algorithm takes into account factors such as the nature of the issue, the current load of inquiries and many more before it recommends 2 options of contact. The system is designed to refer you to channels with minimum wait time and the best-qualified support members for the specific case.

  4. This has been the best decision since I started building websites from templates. Thankyou for all your mentoring Siteground Staff 🙂

  5. Hello,
    1. Is there any phone number to reach Siteground?
    2. How do I get SSL certificate to work on the Woocommerce checkout on my website? It seems like even though I got SSL on my website, it did not extend to the checkout and payment extension.

    Please advise

    1. Hello Sims,

      From the Help Center in your Client Area, you can reach our team via phone, chat and ticket 24/7. When you fill in the details about your inquiry our system will give you 2 channels to get connected to our team best suited to resolve the issue you need assistance with. If the phone option is recommended the number you can call will be displayed on the screen.

      We can see an agent via chat has already helped you with setting up the SSL certificate to work properly on your website.

      We remain at your disposal if you need further assistance.

  6. I was just helped by Alex and he was superb. He definitely deserves this recognition of being Top Customer Care Rep for August. Not only did he make a complex situation simple for me, but he did so with kindness and courtesy. Alex gets my five-star rating! (And I love Siteground overall too so thanks to everyone at SG.)

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