SiteGround Life July Recap

July 2022 SiteGround Life Recap

It has become a tradition to share a short summary of the past month and go over all the exciting events where SiteGrounders participated. July did not disappoint us and brought a swarm of emotions.

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July 2022 SiteGround Life Recap

For the 5th year in a row, we took part in the Legion Run. It was an amazing opportunity to overcome some fears with the help of our colleagues.

Members of our team were invited to DEV.BG‘s Exclusive Speakers Event. Over 150 speakers and presenters gathered together.

-While all students are enjoying their vacation, we’re making plans on how to support them together with Telerik Academy. Our CEO, Tenko Nikolov, shared why their cause is so important to us

-We proudly won the Employee Vote for Company Benefits and Onboarding Program at the Employer Of Choice Awards by To The Top Agency among over 155 entries! This is the third year in a row that we have won the employee vote.

Our Spanish team participated in the WordPress Day Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. We love catching up with the local WordPress communities.

We did not forget to have some fun as a team and organized some cool team-building events for our colleagues.

-After the Employer Of Choice Awards, we joined HR Week 2022 where we attended the keynote with Benjamin Bargetzi and gathered with other HR professionals.

-Our chief management team shared some of the reasons and motivation behind their idea to create a non-governmental organization to help support socially-responsible causes for Forbes.

We again launched the WordPress Meetup events in our Plovdiv office with a guest speaker – our colleague Stoyan Georgiev, WordPress Plugin Developer, and WordPress Core Contributor.

-Our Country Manager for Spain, José Ramón Padron, spoke to the Valencia Chamber of Commerce about the importance of online presence.

-We celebrated the international SysAdmin Appreciation Day with some handmade gelato in our offices. Cheers to the professionals who are working around the clock to keep our virtual world running.

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