SiteGround MRS drones donation

4 High-tech Rescue Drones to Support Our Mountain Rescue Service Thanks to SiteGround

At SiteGround, we’ve always supported, fostered, and cared for the active lifestyle of our team. After office hours, you’d see us skiing, snowboarding on the mountain slopes, windsurfing during summer team buildings, and competing in the Legion Run or with one another during our own Get Fit challenge. As part of our socially-responsible actions, we also regularly support communities and organizations that promote outdoor activities and safety. 

We support several Bulgarian Mountain Huts with live cameras and Internet, and the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) with three avalanche rescue tools. Now, we decided to extend our support for the rescue service with 4 high-tech rescue drones, crucial for the timely discovery of lost people in difficult mountain terrain.

How the New Rescue Tools Will Help

The specialized drones are equipped with thermal-vision cameras, an advanced zoom, and premium performance for precise search and rescue operations of mountaineers in trouble. The drones are a DJI Mavic 3T model and their total value is nearly BGN 50,000. The four devices will cover the territory of the main and busiest mountain ranges in our country – southern Central Balkan, Rila, as well as south-western Pirin, Slavyanka, and Belasitsa, which are all preferred destinations for mountain tourism.

The new equipment will help mountain rescuers locate people in need in hard-to-reach terrains more quickly and easily. The drones will allow them to be much more effective in complex and severe rescue operations during extreme weather conditions too.

SiteGround Donates 4 Drones to the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service

Over the past year, the bold Mountain Rescue team helped more than 2,500 people and conducted nearly 170 rescue operations in the high mountain. “Our activities are always performed with increased risk and in difficult weather conditions. Thanks to SiteGround’s donation, we will be able to find people injured in the mountains faster and provide them with timely and adequate help, while we save the strength and health of the mountain rescuers themselves by exposing them to smaller risks. We are beyond grateful to SiteGround for its social strategy, for understanding the problems in the mountains, and for the invaluable help”, said Emil Neshev, Director of the Mountain Rescue Service.

We are happy to make the crucial work of mountain rescuers safer, more efficient, and convenient. If you love to spend time in the mountains, like many people on the SiteGround team, don’t miss to take a look and download on your phone our mountain safety guide that can help anyone prepare for their hike. 

Have a happy upcoming winter season, but remember to stay safe in the mountains!  💚

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