Doing Good is in our DNA

Beyond providing top-notch web hosting solutions, and being one of the global leaders with a unique strategy for building innovative products and technologies, currently powering over 2.9 Million domains worldwide, SiteGround is passionate about making a positive impact on the world. In 2023, we continued to embody our CSR ethos by engaging in a diverse range of initiatives that support environmental sustainability, social welfare, and community development. 

SiteGrounders Caring for Communities

Our team has always been driven by a deep sense of giving back to the community. In 2023, we volunteered nearly 2,000 hours of our time and skills to various causes. We cleaned up, supported educational programs for children, and more. These efforts made a tangible difference in the lives of others, and we felt proud to be part of it.

SiteGround’s Generosity Extends Far and Wide

While our team members’ passion is inspiring, this attitude and dedication is taken up on a company level. In 2023, SiteGround’s leadership surpassed our expectations by donating nearly 1 Million BGN to CSR initiatives. These funds were used to support causes that align with our core values, such as environmental protection, education, and community development. We’ll briefly highlight just some of them which helped make the biggest impact on improving our society, environment and wellbeing this year:

Partnering for Innovation in Mountain Rescue

As SiteGround-ers we are always looking for innovative ways to make a difference. In 2023. To build on our past support for the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service, we wanted to help further by donating high-tech rescue drones for search and rescue operations. This innovative technology would help improve search efficiency and rescue times, saving lives in the process. 

The specialized drones are equipped with thermal-vision cameras, an advanced zoom, and premium performance for precise search and rescue operations of mountaineers in trouble. The four devices cover the territory of the main and busiest mountain ranges in our country – southern Central Balkan, Rila, as well as south-western Pirin, Slavyanka, and Belasitsa, which are all preferred destinations for mountain tourism. Over 2023, the bold Mountain Rescue team helped more than 2,500 people and conducted nearly 170 rescue operations in the high mountain. 

We are happy to make the crucial work of mountain rescuers safer, more efficient, and convenient. If you love to spend time in the mountains, like many people on the SiteGround team, don’t miss to take a look and download on your phone our mountain safety guide that can help anyone prepare for their hike. 

Think Pink for a Worthy Cause

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October, 2023), we launched a pink-themed fundraising campaign. We teamed up with the One of 8 Foundation for a campaign that could change lives. Our campaign encourage women to book a medical check up, and all people to spread  the #ThinkPink message. For each social media share we’ve donated 10 leva to the One in 8 Foundation. Our educational post about breast cancer was shared over 1085 times on social media, exceeding both our expectations and those of the foundation, which additionally meant we donated 10 850 BGN to the One in 8 Foundation for preventive screenings and early breast cancer diagnosis. 

Hopefully, the fact that the campaign gathered so much interest and reached so many people means we have made an even bigger impact raising more awareness and inspiring preventing action.

Earth Day Bingo: A Fun Way to Give Back

To celebrate Earth Day, we organized an engaging bingo challenge. It was a unique way to encourage our colleagues to adopt eco-friendly habits and learn more about environmental conservation. The challenge was not only fun but also generated a positive buzz throughout the company. 41% of all participants completed a full line in the Earth Day Bingo challenge, 11% of the participants who went above and beyond, completed the entire Bingo card. Our hope of the internal Earth Day Bingo campaign was to achieve a meaningful impact in our colleagues’ everyday lives. But it also achieved remarkable recognition and we were awarded first prize in the category “Green internal communication campaign at the renowned “The greenest companies in Bulgaria” awards. 

End of Year Charity Initiative & Bazaar 

During December our people’s incredible generosity helped us raise a whopping 10 900 leva during our Christmas Charity campaign to support the Children’s House at For Our Children Foundation, creating a warm family-like environment for the kids living there. To double the impact of our employees’ kindness, SiteGround has generously matched our donations, so the final amount donated is 21 800 leva! 

Our traditional Christmas Charity Bazaar supported 5 different NGO’s and their causes, and collected nearly 10 000 leva for “Ole Male” & “With a smile for you” – mothers & friends of children with disabilities, “SPHU Plovdiv” – people with disabilities, “Workshop for souvenirs and culture” – people from vulnerable groups, “Bulgarian Society for Bird Protection” – birds andd environment protection, “Сръчковците” – family-type accommodation center in Samokov.

Our CSR efforts are not just lip service; they reflect our core values and our desire to make a positive impact on the world, becoming an example of how businesses can use resources to make a difference. 

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