Adopt a Bird for Earth Day – Support for Green Balkans and Bulgarian Nature

This year’s Earth Day, April 22 comes with a green team initiative in support of Green Balkans, the leading organization in the conservation of rare species in Bulgaria. As part of our environmentally-friendly efforts and culture, we’ve also been involved with the cause of Green Balkans for over 3 years when the organization was referred by a teammate for our internal Host a Cause program. The idea of this program is simple – it encourages team members to help the online presence of NGOs they care about. Every SiteGrounder can choose a non-profit initiative, project, or foundation to support by giving them a free website hosting account for life. Why? Because we care about our employees and the things that matter to them. This is how we started supporting Green Balkans 3 years ago, and continue our efforts now.

Contribute to Bulgarian Nature

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day on April 22nd, we decided to go further and contribute to the cause of Green Balkans as a team and as a company.  We encouraged our teammates to help adopt a special kind of bird called “Cinereous Vulture”. Cinereous Vulture is known as the largest bird of prey in Europe and an extinct species in Bulgaria. Green Balkans have been striving to bring it back for nearly 30 years because it plays an essential role in our nature and biodiversity. It seems that their constant efforts to achieve recovery of the species to our country have recently proved worth it. The first two Black Vulture couples have settled in Bulgaria for the first time after so many years just a few weeks ago. However, to achieve long-term success, Green Balkans need further support for the full recovery of the extinct species to our country.

That is why we’ve started a donation campaign for our team – every SiteGrounder can donate a sum of their choice, and SiteGround will double it to support the cause. As adopters, we will have the privilege to name one of the special birds and also once it starts living freely and safely in our regions, to receive signals of its location due to a special tracking system Green Balkans use. Of course, to include every team member in the process, we opened an internal poll for the name of the bird, and will later on have a team vote on the most favoured name suggestion by popular choice inside our team.

You’re very welcome to support Green Balkans, too. Feel free to contribute to the good cause on a personal level by donating an amount of your choice to Green Balkans and the Bulgarian biodiversity, following their user-friendly donation methods here.

Every action is important as the future of the world we live in depends on each and every one of us and the actions we choose to take or not on a daily basis. Be part of the change you want to see in the world and a good example to yourself. And if you love technology and nature as much as we do, make sure to check our SiteGround jobs and current openings here.

Update:  We’re happy to announce that together with our team we donated a total of 3700 BGN to a cause of Green Balkans. Big thanks to our teammates and all of you who joined the campaign in support of Green Balkans and by doing this helped for the preservation of an extinct bird species called “Black Vulture”, which are nesting in Bulgaria for the first time in 30 years. The good news is that the couple now has a baby bird! We’re also excited to announce the name of our newly adopted bird for which the majority of our team voted. We chose Avalon – named after one of our internal server systems.

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