SiteGround: Wrap-up in Giving

2021 Wrap-up in Giving

Giving back to the community has always been a big part of our values at SiteGround. Charity initiatives are traditionally included in our End-of-Year activities, but not only. We strive to be active all-year round, as we believe that consistency in giving is important, and even a little contribution, but regularly, can make a big difference. That’s why, to wrap up the year in Giving at SiteGround, we wanted to find a way to include a variety of causes that our employees can choose to support, according to what they feel closer to heart. 

We also had to find a trusted partner who can help us vet the causes and handle all donations online for our distributed team. Overall, they had to meet the following expectations: 

  • Propose causes that align with our values
  • Make it smooth, easy and safe to donate online
  • Validate the foundations and add new potential ones to the list
  • Be transparent on funds collected by SiteGrounders and Company

This is how we chose to launch our own company donation page at, who are one of the first and most well-established online donation platforms in Bulgaria. From then on it was a matter of days to set it all up. We launched our page with a shortlist of 5 causes and goals for each of the campaigns. We chose them to be aligned with our desire to have a positive, long-lasting mark in the wider community and we believe each of them does that in their own way:

  • “For our children” helps families who struggle to stay together because of financial and other difficulties. Every year they prevent the abandonment of hundreds of babies and kids, not only with funds, but also with professional consultation in various areas and education on conscious parenting. Apart from ongoing support of this organization, SiteGround also hosts their website through our internal Host a Cause program, where our employees adopt a non-profit initiative or foundation of their choice and support them with free website hosting for life.
  • “Green Balkans” is the only veterinary hospital in Bulgaria specializing  in rehabilitation of wounded wild animals, who are released back into nature after treatment. This campaign continues SiteGround’s support for their activity, as their cause was also adopted in our internal Host a Cause program, and for Earth Day in 2021 we also ran a campaign to help them raise the funds for the preservation of the largest bird of prey in Europe, Cinereous Vulture, which was until very recently extinct in Bulgaria.
  • “Get ready to succeed” is fueled by the power of paying it forward by giving back. They provide scholarships and support to medical university students, kids and young people who have lost their families.
  • “Fund for the kids of heroes” aids children who lost their parents due to being first-line during the Covid19 pandemic. These are physicians, teachers and essential personnel who fight everyday for the health and safety of all of us.
  • “St. Nikolas” Orphanage provides shelter, freshly-cooked food, and clothing to children and their families. They aim to create a true home environment and raise confident, knowledgeable young people who know how to make a livelihood.

We shared the page through our internal and external SiteGround employee channels and we were humbled and amazed by how fast and smooth it all happened. In only two weeks we surpassed all of our goals! As per our tradition, SiteGround doubles all funds collected by employees towards the end of the campaign, so the total we collected equals 20 530 BGN, which is even higher than previous internal holiday campaigns. 

In addition to our employee-driven charity initiatives, ever since the foundation of our company we regularly support a variety of projects and organizations within several main areas, which we have identified as key for our society: entrepreneurship, education, health, environment & nature, and culture. The overall amount we donated on a company level for 2021 in these key areas is 160 080 BGN, spread among 10 main initiatives that fall within one or several of the main categories above. For 2022, we are confident that we can do more to help. Here is to a successful, and filled with good deeds, year!

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