15 Curious Third Graders Visit SiteGround

It’s not just an office, it’s a knowledge hub

15 third-graders from “Kocho Chestimenski” Elementary School in the village of Dinkata, Pazardzhik, immersed themselves in the world of technology and learned how to navigate their future careers during an exciting visit to our office at the beginning of their summer vacation. Here’s how:

The initiative is part of the summer activities organized by their teacher Maria Nikolcheva, who is a participant in the “New Path in Teaching” program of “Teach for Bulgaria”. The goal is to develop the children’s reading literacy and creative skills. As a long-time partner of the “Teach for Bulgaria” foundation, it was a true inspiration for us to host this meeting.

In support of the Education 

As a company, SiteGround has been supporting “Teach for Bulgaria” for over three years, donating 150,000 euros to the “School of Example” program, which covers over 100 schools and 44,000 students in the country, modernizing school management methods and teaching practices.

The visit to SiteGround gave the children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of technology while having fun and working as a team. The children worked with an interactive unicorn-shaped circuit board created by another partner of ours: “University for Children”, which finally lit up in different colors. And so, thanks to technology, they discovered a new world of interests.

Their teacher shared that in the last two years, developing teamwork skills has been a major focus of their education, along with reading literacy. During their visit, the children actively helped each other while learning new things and having fun.

We share experience and inspire

At the end of the day, our colleague Sophia, who is from our design team, told the students about her career path in an engaging way. She showed them how, through perseverance and continuous learning, she has achieved her dream of working in the very thing that inspires and makes her happy and fulfilled.

As part of the activity, Sophia prepared a task for each of the children to write down their interests and excitements. She encouraged them to pursue these activities in their future career development.

“The children were wonderful, very curious. I was impressed that they weren’t afraid to ask questions at all, which is great because that’s how they learn new things,” Sophia shared.

We are glad that we contributed to the education and inspiration of these students with a different and exciting day, especially since this is not our first meeting and contact with the wonderful students from the village of Dinkata! Years ago, we had a donation campaign in support of the children, thanks to the initiative of their school principal. And when you are active, good things find you sooner than later!

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