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Представяме ти Павел – нашия топ служител от отдел Техническа поддръжка за месец август

Павел е един от нашите най-добри служители от отдел Техническа поддръжка. Той проявява голям интерес към новите технологии и е страстен читател. Освен техническата си експертиза, е и любител на историята, като може да прекара часове, заровен в събития от войните на Наполеон до Втората световна война. Научи повече за неговите интереси в интервюто!


5 Replies to “Our Top Technical Support Rep in August”

  1. Nice. It’s so good dealing with a group of people who are so knowledgeable, helpful & friendly. Moving all my sites to you guys was definitely a good move.
    Keep up the great work, & articles like this are really interesting – so keep them coming.

  2. Hey Pavel – you are too cool – as an older (70) webmaster you never make me feel that way – thanks for all you do and your patience, which has been so needed by me.

  3. How do I install The Proof Pixel – across my entire site?
    !function(){function b(){var a=(new Date).getTime(),b=document.createElement(‘script’);b.type=’text/javascript’,b.async=!0,b.src=’’+a;var c=document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];c.parentNode.insertBefore(b,c)}var a=window;a.attachEvent?a.attachEvent(‘onload’,b):a.addEventListener(‘load’,b,!1),window.proof_config={acc:’SUkyalFGLDR7GkAAlsPkwnNxSJ92′, v:’1.1′}}()

    1. Hi Su,

      Please note that the Proof Pixel is a third-party application, so it is best to check with their support team for help with installing it on your website. In case we can assist you with a hosting-related issue you can submit a ticket via our HelpDesk or reach us via chat.

  4. Hey Pavel, thank you for your patience and all the hard work you pour into tech support, we really appreciate it. Would love to see some pics from your NEW office and all the cool spaces in the next blog.

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