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Представяме ти Елена – нашия топ служител от отдел Техническа поддръжка за месец април

Елена е член на нашия екип Техническа поддръжка и този месец беше отличена като служител на месеца от нашите клиенти. Ние я интервюирахме за живота ѝ във и извън СайтГраунд. Научи кои са любимите ѝ книги, музика и защо смята, че всъщност не работи през нито един ден от живота си.


7 Replies to “Our Top Support Rep in April”

  1. Congratulations, Elena. Thanks for taking pride in yourself and your work. If you always keep that in mind, you will go very far. Keep doing your best. Cheers to you!

    Matt Foran

  2. You deserve the award, Elena! Good for you! All those 28,500 clients are right about you. You’re a hard-working woman and a credit to SiteGround. I also like the inspirational quote at the end of the interview, and I plan to use it in my address to the graduating class of our school. I wish you all the best.

  3. I’m a new SiteGround customer and love this. So far I’m very impressed with how knowledgeable the support is. Keep up the great work Elena and the rest of the staff!
    P.S. I’m already listening to Imany.

  4. SiteGround without a doubt has the best customer service I have ever used.
    Congratulations Elena you are one of the reasons SiteGround Rocks!

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