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Представяме ти Павлин – нашия топ служител от отдел Обслужване на клиенти за месец октомври

Този месец нашият топ служител от отдел Обслужване на клиенти е Павлин Илиев. Когато започна работа в СайтГраунд в началото на годината, той беше най-младият член на нашето разрастващо се семейство. Изпълнен с младежка амбиция, само за няколко месеца успя да се изкачи до върха! Като запален фен на видео игри на стратегия, той определено знае как да следва добра стратегия в работата си. Когато не играе, обича да разпуска с хеви-метъл музика. Прочети интервюто с него!


12 Replies to “Top Customer Care Rep of October”

  1. I know my comments may sound very cliched, but I was blown away by your excellent service, had help from 2 guys ALEKSANDAR RACHEV, Vasilica Salabina and both provided superb customer service. Clearly you have a great team of people and deserve all the praise possible!

  2. I talked to him and he is a very good guy! I can only recommend siteground. In fact I love them so much I wrote an entire article about it. (

  3. Congratulation Pavlin for work. If you are doing your job with concentration, you will get more reward like this. Due to this post, I’m also motivated to work like you.


  4. As a recent customer of yours I just want to add that your customer service team are the best! Communication and service is exemplary. Keep it up! Thanks.

  5. Thanks for Pavlin,He helped me in the past a coupe of times and I can’t be more agree with this news. Due to this post, I’m also motivated to work like you

  6. Congratulation your organization best response and work hard 24/7 support and service team are the best! Communication and service. always gave him help at any movement I cannot not found any problem both site communication even my client site. thanks and keep it.

  7. For me, the quality of service I receive at SiteGround is unparalleled. Combine this with great service offerings, ease of use & fair pricing and it’s clear that SiteGround will experience continued growth while going from strength to strength.

    Keep doing what you’re doing SiteGround Team.

  8. I have to admin , this guy is really good.
    No question about it , he winning Customer Care of the month , I’m not surprised .

  9. I like a company that honors the people on the ground.

    Which country is Pavlin in? I had a conversation with a web client yesterday about the fact that there are some good web hosts in various countries.

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