Nikola Nikolov

Представяме ти Никола – нашия топ служител от отдел Обслужване на клиенти за месец март

Този месец ти представяме Никола Николов – нашия топ служител от отдел Обслужване на клиенти за месец март, който постигна най-висока оценка от доволни клиенти. Неговата формула за успех е проста – постави си цел, следвай я и добави щедри дози кафе. През пролетта, ако не е заровен в някоя фентъзи книга, той може да бъде забелязан да играе баскетбол навън. Научи повече за Никола в интервюто!


6 Replies to “Our Top Customer Care Rep in March”

  1. Congratulations Nikola,
    I have found SiteGround to have the very best customer service that I have come across either virtual or physical. To be honoured for being the top in such a great group is a real accomplishment.
    All the best with the guitar and the gym 🙂

    Best Regards, Larry (A very happy customer)

  2. I’ve had the pleasure to get support from Nikola. He fixed my problem quickly, guiding me through all the steps to follow. I’m glad he is featured in this blog post.

  3. You helped us out a couple of times and for me you were the representation of a support team which does really an extraordinary job. So glad that Siteground found a way to honor on top of it individual achievements.
    Keep up the good work and all the best also for reaching your personal goals
    Michael (another very happy customer 😉

  4. Congrats to Nikola and everyone else from Siteground support. I found this to be the best support online there is. Great stuff guys!

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