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Представяме ти Иван – нашия топ служител от отдел Обслужване на клиенти за месец януари

Тази година стартираме нова поредица, в която ще показваме топ служителите от отдел Обслужване на клиенти за всеки месец! Досега споделяхме за тях само в социалните мрежи, но решихме да я превърнем в официална нова категория в блога и дори да я разширим с някои прозрения от самите колеги, за да разберем повече за това кои са те извън офиса. В сърцето на СайтГраунд винаги са били хората, така че се надяваме, че новата поредица ще ти хареса!


11 Replies to “Top Customer Care of The Month: January”

  1. I have not had the privilege of being served by Ivan yet, but I do know that your tech support team has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you all for your commitment to excellence! And congrats to you, Ivan, for being the first on your team to get this wonderful recognition!

  2. Ivan is awesome. I am new to self managed hosting, and he has helped me on some tickets that I submitted. He is knowledgeable, willing to help, and best of all resolves the issue! Thanks much and congrats!

  3. Ivan has always been extremely helpful and good natured. I trust he brings Rushi home some fine meals after fishing.

  4. Ivan was also the first person I heard from when I made the switch from Bluehost. I was very impressed with his follow-ups & person touch.

    I’m still at the very early stages of setting up my website & I hope I can use Ivan’s skills & knowledge along the way!



  5. Ivan,

    Congratulations! Just read your little profile article in the Customer Rep of the Month posting! Awesome! And I know what you mean about having to feed Rushi before he lets you do anything in the morning!

    We have 4 cats – two are Bengals who are the most social & amazing cats but trying to work from is always a challenge since they want to always be around – lying on your papers, walking on the keyboard, pulling paper out of the printer!……you get the idea!

    Great job again Ivan & I ‘ll be contacting you soon for some help on my website!

    Like the looks of the new drag & drop features! Should make life easier as I’m stuck right now!



  6. Ivan helped me out in a support chat. I was delighted with his assistance. It’s one of the reasons we feel Siteground is the right choice for us at Trinity Presbyterian Church of McKinney TX.

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